Vietnam 1968-1969; And 42 Years Later

I would like to share with you all a great slide show produced by Frank Remkiewicz ’74 about his Vietnam experience. Frank was part of the Whittier group that traveled to Vietnam in April.

Check it out —   the music really sets the tone!


About Ana Lilia Barraza

I am the media relations and news director at Whittier College.
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One Response to Vietnam 1968-1969; And 42 Years Later

  1. Frank Remkiewicz says:

    Thank you Ana Lilia. I was asked to prepare a presentation for my local Lion’s Club anf this presentation was the result. There of course are many more slides but these fit the story I was trying to tell. this presentation helps me to continue to sift through the memoires and the conflicting issues that “rattle around in my head”. The most memorable of all are the people — before and after. The before are pictures of friends. The very first is of a young man that I believe I may owe my life to — literally. The picutres of after are of friends that I made while on my second tour and I may owe my sanity to — I am still trying to work out htat which is most important.

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