A look back at LZ Evans – by Fred Bergerson

Fred Bergerson - Camp Evans 1968

Fred Bergerson - Camp Evans 1968

I was contacted recently by one of my men, Paul Seaton, after he discovered our blog online. I had lost track of him for more than 40 years. He sent along some photos, [including the one posted here]. This photo will give the people we traveled with [as well as those who’ve followed our blog] a sense of how close we were to the actual place where the 191st Military Intelligence Detachment worked at LZ Evans. The road where we parked at LZ Evans prior to the memorial service was on the airstrip. You can see that location clearly in the picture, because there are a few aircraft parked on the runway. We then walked towards where I was standing in the picture to find a suitable place to plant the flag.

The trip is a gift that keeps on giving. Reuniting with Paul Seaton, with whom I worked so closely, is a special pleasure for me. You may recall the story of how when I lost weight, one of my men, who started out more slender than I, was losing at the same rate. For example, when he went from long-large to long-medium, I went from long-extra large, to long-large. As I lost those 70 pounds, I kept getting Seaton’s fatigue pants, rather than having to wade through the vicissitudes of the Army supply system.


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4 Responses to A look back at LZ Evans – by Fred Bergerson

  1. Kathy Beard says:

    What a wonderful addition to your trip, Fred! The reconnection with Seaton … Great! We just had dinner with the Dennis Welch and wife, Grace, tonight, and last week golfed and ate with Frank Remkiewicz and wife Katherine, and another night ate with Ken Sherman and wife Betsy! What a delight to see them all again! The trip we all shared is the beginning of new friendships, for sure! Here’s another thanks from us to you for putting the trip together!!!! It was EXACTLY what we were looking for; we wanted to visit the landing zones, the A-Shau Valley, the 1st Cav Div headquarters, etc. Thank you for guiding us back! The new friendships are frosting on the cake!

  2. Paul Seaton says:

    Hi Fred – our visit resolved so many issues that were hanging out there for me – it was wonderful seeing you and I’m so glad you decided to trace the steps that we took so many years ago

    Paul Seaton

  3. Jason Flowers says:

    Fred Bergerson/Paul Seaton,

    Wow, I’m so glad I found this blog! My uncle was Robert Wiedemann; it looks like you two knew him. I showed this blog to Robert’s brothers and sisters today, including the memorial video from your April trip (I’m sure Bob would appreciate the kind words by the way!). I found you two by searching for the 191st, LZ Evans, etc. When I was reading the blog, I saw the name Paul Seaton, which seemed familiar to me. I looked over some mortuary paperwork the Army sent me last year (gotta love the Freedom of Information Act!), and found that he was one of the people who identified his body. Anyway, our family is really excited to find this blog, and we’re hoping to maybe hear a story or two or obtain copies of some pics if you have any. The blog owner has my email addy.

    Thank you both for never forgetting.

    — Betty Menard
    — Bill Wiedemann
    — Marilyn Wiedemann
    — Joe Wiedemann
    — Capt Jason Flowers, CA ANG

    • Bruce Jones says:

      Robert was my cousin. I name is Bruce Jones & I’m doing research on the family. Chester was my mother’s brother. since moving to CA I have lost all contact with family. I was recently in Washington, DC & found Robert’s name on the wall. I also remember playing with Bob, Betty Ann & Billy on Grant st. In the 40’s & 50’s. Any info on the family would be appreciated.
      Thank you,

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