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Fellow traveler Kat Larson – Colorado Native – is featured in an article about the trip to Vietnam. Read more here:


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I am the media relations and news director at Whittier College.
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  1. Frank Remkiewicz says:

    Kat was such an incredible addition to the journey. Being the youngest, and probably the least affected by the events of that time at that time, she provided a refreshing insight on many occasions. She quickly became an integral part of the “community”.

    In point of fact, Dr. Bergerson managed to put together an rather unique and valuable group of people. Had it been all vets we would have been much the poorer. The group including Ana Lilia, Kathy and Bob Beard, Bob and Beverly Schpall, Victor and Lily Griego, Joe Barr and Nicole Winger, Dennis Welch, Ken Sherman, Donald Wood and Jan Lopez, Edwin Keh, Kat Larson, Eric Weiss, Yuki Miyagiwa, and of course Fred and Renie Bergerson all brought special gifts to this trip. Some, hidden at the start, finished with a flourish. Over a very short period of time I grew to enjoy the company of each and everyone of these wonderful people. Had it not been for these loving people, at least one of us would not have fared nearly as well as he did. We became family almost overnight. I am so very grateful for what Fred and Renie did and for this entire group.

    Peace +

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